FHR Prologue



All humans are born free.

All humans are born sovereign.

All humans have equal rights.

All humans are good the way they were born and have the right to be and stay who the are, the way they were born. 

All humans have the right to live a sustainable life with themselves, with other humans and nature. Our world provides everything for free a human needs in order to be able to live a sustainable.


All Humans beings have an innate feature of goodness, a moral awareness, called : the intuition.

All human beings can experience and pass moral judgments at an early age.

All humans are born with universal behaviour talents, based on the mindful cooperation between our feeling and thinkingpower. 

These both powers are mindfully guided and guarded by our innate feature: our intuition. This is our inner compass, it will be automatically activated if the feeling of well-being is disturbed.

All humans are born using their feeling and thinkingpower only for wellbeing, this way they have no other option than to be totally honest with themselves and thus towards others.

This is our natural way to start to experience life time events. These events are used for creating a -feeling memory archive-, based on our intuition called: our conscience.

If honesty is neglected our conscience will automatically send an awareness signal in order to concentrate on this disturbance of honesty.

All humans experience and feel the same way about honesty.

Honesty is the only universal non verbal language, recognised and acknowledged by ALL humans.

Honesty gives humans the feeling of the confirmation they can trust themselves, believe in themselves.

Humans are not able to totally suppress /erase the awareness feeling of being honest, even when brainwashed, in a natural way. 

Meaning only intense hormone therapy, genetically modifying humans and / or an artificial intelligence implant, could probably extinct our great innate talent: our intuition.


All humans experience a structural happiness feeling, based on our innate features and talents.

All humans are happy that they are born, the way they are born.

All humans share that selflove unconditionally with others and nature.

All humans are born free from guilt and shame feelings, free from psychological fear.

All humans archive this structural happiness feeling in their feeling memory.

This structural happiness feeling is indelible archived in the feeling memory.


All humans use their innate talents only for well-being. That is our natural behaviour.

All humans are born with a non verbal universal feeling language. This feeling talent also makes it possible to perceive circumstances without seeing them with their eyes. The part of the brain called amygdala is considered to be responsible for this talent.

Human powers, their feeling and thinkingpower, are only to be used for maintaining and improving wellbeing in order to maintain their structural happiness feeling. Al other use is considered power abuse.

This innate mindful behaviour of humans is first guided and guarded by our intuition and later on, based on archived life time experiences, by our conscience. 

Meaning: Our conscience is based on the archiving of life time experiences in our feeling memory, which are qualified in mindful and unmindful experiences, guided and guarded by our intuition. 

All humans automatically receive an awareness signal from our conscience when they are neglecting the mindful cooperation between their powers or by altering the use of these powers structurally.

This awareness signal from our conscience, gives all humans the possibility to get aware of this power cooperation disturbance. 

This awareness signal is offering the possibility to analyse this disturbance, classify it as a mindful or unmindful experience and than achieve it in our feeling memory.

If the guidance of our intuition, later on  transferred into our conscience, is neglected, the powers not used for well-being, this act is considered power abuse. Power abuse always leads to inequality between your own powers, power abuse is causing stress, causing a feeling of unhappiness.

Personal power abuse hurts the abuser him / herself, by neglecting the mindful cooperation between our thinking and feeling power and neglecting the awareness signals of our conscience.

Only if a human is abusing his own powers, the human can also abuse his powers to abuse others and nature.

Humans who have trained themselves is pushing away the awareness signals and possess a high intelligence ( well functioning thinkingpower) can become ruthless power abusers.


Disconnected humans are disconnected from their natural behaviour and their innate talents.

Not one human is willingly giving up this sustainable life style, which is providing a structural happiness feeling.

Only a traumatic experience can lead to the lost of our structural happiness feeling.

Only a traumatic experience can structurally disturb the mindful cooperation of our feeling and thinkingpower severely.

Traumatic experience and brain wash can be dismantled, in the sense that these experiences are no longer uncontrollably dictating the life style in a destructive way.

Artificial intelligence, gene and hormone therapy, can alter humans structurally and definitively. 


All new borns are already perfectly equipped to live a sustainable life with themselves, others and nature. 

ALL humans ( children included) have the right to be and stay who they are the way they were born. 

They have the right to live their lives mindfully free from shame, guilt and psychological fear.

Only if we are able to guide our new borns mindfully and let them be and stay who they are, the way they were born, they are able to hold on to their structural happiness feeling.

Structural happy humans stay the healthiest, they develop the best and they inspire and heal others.  

Happy humans you can not manipulate because they have not developed psychological fear.