FHR Charter


All humans, children included*, are entitled to ALL human rights, simply because of the fact that they are a human.


All humans are born free and have the right to stay free.


Humans have the right to speak out and write down what they think and feel.


To be able to speak in behalf of an other human, a written and signed mandate is mandatory. This mandate indicates the agreed on items, or indicates a total mandate in case of incapacitated human diagnosed by a doctor.


All human rights are based on the innate mindful behaviour, all humans are born with.

All humans have a inner goodness called our intuition, recognised and acknowledged by all humans. 

Our intuition is the foundation of our consciousness, which is build up guided and guarded by our intuition, thus based on being totally honest to yourself.

All humans are born with universal talents, called our innate natural behaviour talents.

Our mindful natural behaviour is based on the mindful cooperation between the thinkingpower and the feeling power, guided and guarded by the intuition.


Human rights are inalienable and undeniable, because they are all based on the innate mindful behaviour every human is born with. 

All humans have the right to be and stay who they are, the way they were born.

All humans have the right to use their energies and innate talents in a mindful way. 


All humans are born with a non verbal universal feeling power language, including body language and expressions, on which they have to rely on until they are able to use speech as well . 


All humans have the right to defend themselves against psychological and physical aggression and psychological threats. 

All humans have the rights to defend themselves in front of all tribunals.

In case they are mentally incompetent or incompetent, they have the right of assistance.


Our natural behaviour provides all human a indelible feeling of structural happiness, a indelible feeling of freedom. 

Feeling free to be who you are, the way you are born, is the best and provides a happiness feeling.

Every human has the right to be and stay who he / she is, the way he / she is born.

This structural happiness feeling is indelible archived in the feeling memory of every human.

This structural happiness feeling, this freedom feeling, bonds humans deeply with themselves, others and nature.

This structural happiness feeling can not be taken away, nor locked up, because it is a feeling.


There exist only ONE specious of humans, with different outward appearances. Like the colour of hair, eyes, etc. The shape of body parts. The skin colour.

All humans are born equal.

All humans have the right to be treated equal.


All humans can copy shown behaviour.

All humans can copy shown skills.

Being autodidact means that every action, speech, gestures and mannerisms employed by humans and nature can influence the intellectual and social emotional development status of humans.

Humans are their own best teachers by using all their energies in connection with each other mindfully, in order to learn  physical and psychological skills.

Humans are their own best doctors by using all their energies in connection with each other mindfully, guided and guarded by the intuition/ conscience.

This natural behaviour of humans makes it possible for humans to ‘ listen’ to their body and mind signals, analyse them and act mindfully on those signals.

Meditation fighting stress is a very good tool. Stress is a very important signal of your being, not to be neglected, because it is the number one in causing unhappiness and diseases.


Nature is providing all humans everything humans need to live a sustainable life, for free.

Humans are inseparable connected with- and inseparable part of nature.

Humans natural mindful behaviour makes them think and feel of being ONE with themselves, with others and nature.

Humans depend on nature.

Humans have the duty to honour all humans need to live, thrive and survive, like:

Fellow humans 

Our mindful children

Flora and fauna

Humans depend on interacting with nature.

Humans can thrive by interacting with others and nature.

Humans can inspire, support and heal each other.

Nature inspires and heals humans.


Nature provides pure air to breath and nutritious water and food. This includes everything the human body needs to live a healthy life and thus a healthy up to date immune system.

Nature provides the medicine humans need. Because these medicines are part of nature, they are free from side effects.


Nature provides, maintains and trains our natural immune system. 

Our innate immune system is protecting new borns in the first period if their lives. After that the natural immune system trains itself to fight viruses, bacteria and fungi. The immune system memory is archiving the protection it needs to fight them and their mutations protects humans against illnesses. 

Our natural immune system makes it possible to survive illnesses and make humans resistant for illnesses. 

In order to keep our immune system up to date, humans need to constantly exchange fungi, viruses and bacteria with other humans and nature.


Humans have the right of having acces to pure air, clean water, healthy nourishment and shelter.

Humans have the right to live in peace and harmony, with themselves, others and nature, free from psychological fear, shame and guilt feelings.

Humans have the natural ability to prevent and eliminate stress, by using their ability to meditate. Stress is the main cause of illnesses. 

Meditation is no more than separating the important issues from the non important ones in order to eliminate stress. This will  take some training in order to break through behaviour patrons. 

This way the inner balance can be restored and mindful behaviour can take over again. 

Mindful behaviour opens the road to clear your mind totally during meditation.

Meditate is not A GOAL, it is a mean to refind mindfulness.

Humans innate mindful behaviour provides humans the best possible balance of our hormones/ body own drugs.

Humans innate mindful behaviour provides humans the best functioning of our natural immune system.

Humans natural immune system can only be deregulated/ changed structurally by:

-disturbing hormone production structurally 

-structurally developing and exploiting psychological fear

-gene and hormone therapy

—implanting artificial intelligence 

Psychological fear is an unnatural behaviour for man kind, forced upon man kind.

Only humans who have developed psychological fear become vulnerable for manipulation. 

Structurally happy humans you can not manipulate.


Every human adult has the right to decide what happens to her/his body, concerning the influence of physically and psychologically impact. 

Every contact, physically, psychological, verbally, every invasive action of a medical doctor is considered a medical treatment. 

Meaning a doctor is obliged to treat the patient according to the rules of his / her profession.

Before a treatment can begin an informed concent is mandatory. 

A medical doctor can never deny a medical treatment.

Every medical treatment has to be based on a benefit for the patient.

It is mandatory the doctor uses all the available information of the patient and all his knowledge to compose a diagnose before treatment / medication is prescribed.

Only a medical doctor is allowed to produce a diagnose. 

This diagnose is based on the professional knowledge and duties coming along in executing this medical profession. 

The diagnose of doctor have to be produced free from influence from others. 

It is mandatory the doctor explains the effects and the benefits of his treatment in a language the patient can understand. 

The patient has the right to ask for and become an alternative treatment if there is one.

The patient has the right to become a second opinion.

The patient has the right to agree and to refuse the treatment.

The medical doctor is always responsible for his/ her treatment.


Neurenberg code / Geneva convention:

It is forbidden to use a human as an object to protect others.

Psychological and physical experiments on humans are forbidden without a positive diagnose from a doctor and the informed consent of the patient.

Concerning the free choice of joining a medical experiment. The psychological and physical condition of the participant of the experiment have to be considered fit, in order to make the choice of joining the experiment.

Psychological and physical experiments on humans are forbidden. Joining such an experiment voluntarily, informed consent is mandatory too and a written and signed paper has to confirm the circumstances agreed on. 


All Human rights are based on honesty.

The source of Honesty is based on our innate talents. 

Every new born has a innate goodness. Every new born our have a natural behaviour, all humans are born with. 

Our natural behaviour every human is born with is: 

Using its energies it’s thinkingpower and feeling power in connection with each other mindfully. 

This cooperation is guided and guarded by the intuition.

If this mindful cooperation is disturbed the intuition sends an awareness signal in order to pay extra attention to the cause of this disturbance. 

This disturbance will be analysed as mindful or unmindful life time experiences and will be archived in the feeling memory. Building up our feeling memory this way is creating our conscience. 

Every time our powers are used unmindfully, the mindful cooperation between our powers is disturbed, the conscience will send an awareness signal. The unmindful use of our powers equals power abuse, it feels as a dishonest act. Automatically this power abuse will be analysed and archived in our feeling memory and used as content of our conscience.

The innate goodness of the new born makes that every new born is mindful for itself and share that unconditionally with others and nature. 

Every new born is happy it is born, the way it is born, it loves itself.

Every new born uses all its energies, its thinking and its feeling power, (including the strongest energy our sexual energy, if emerged,) in connection with each other mindfully.

By accepting itself, it is mindfully connected with Itself. 

Only if you feel connected with yourself, you can also feel connected with others and nature.

This is providing every new born a structural happiness feeling, which is indelible archived in the new borns feeling memory.

Human beings have an innate feature of goodness, a moral awareness.

Humans are born with a sense of morality and can pass moral judgments at an early age.

Our natural behaviour is to use our powers, our feeling and thinking-power, only for well-being, all other use equals power abuse. 


Power abuse is a disturbance, temporarily or structurally, of the mindful cooperation of our energies: our thinkingpower and our feeling power.

Power abuse are experiencing a feeling if disconnecting to their natural behaviour. That causes a stress feeling, if mindfully analysed and corrected this stress signal is raises awareness.

If power abuse correction is not possible or no longer correctable, the road is blocked to our natural way of using all our powers mindfully in connection with each other, the disturbance impact to severe, this can lead to a structural power abuse behaviour and become a behaviour patron. 

This kind of behaviour patrons can easily lead to an addiction to power. 

Due to the lack of the structural happiness feeling, the power abuser is looking for an alternative feeling of happiness. 

By abusing power, through domination or being dominated, this behaviour can cause a temporarily short happiness feeling, the so called kick feeling. 

Desperately looking for the structural happiness feeling every body have experienced, the power abuser is trying to get as much happiness kick feelings as possible. The disconnected power abuser is convinced he/ she can reach the structural happiness feeling again.

Getting addicted to power leads to more and more abuse, in order to become this kick feeling again and again.

Power abuse is to be addressed and stopped immediately because it damages the abuser and the victims. The victims and the abuser have the right to become awareness therapy.

These behaviour patrons are only solvable by reaching individual awareness. 

Meditation is a useful tool as well as speak out / write down the experiences without restrictions. 


Power abuse immediately activates our conscience automatically. Even by those who have been programmed and trained themselves to ignore and push away their conscience signals.

Meaning every disruption of our mindful cooperation of our energies will activate all energies immediately. 

The power abuse causes a stress like feeling in order to create a signal to consider to stop abusing your powers. 

This awareness signal emerges in order to be able to return to our original mindful behaviour, by rejecting the power abuse.

If this mindful cooperation of our energies is disturbed, the disturbance will produce a feeling of wrong doing, of being dishonest, of a feeling being disconnected with yourself. A feeling of not treating and using your powers mindfully thus equally, by discriminating one of them.

Every human receive this awareness signal, the only universal non verbal language everyone recognises / acknowledges.

A universal automatically occurring signal in order to make you aware of the fact you abuse your power.

This automatically occurring signal we call our conscience, our mental compass, our gut feeling.


The innate goodness of all new borns is called our intuition. The intuition is building up our conscience by guiding and analysing real life time experiences.

These experiences mindful and unmindful ones are automatically analysed and archived in our feeling memory, making content for our conscience.

Every new born is confronted with these real time experiences and they can cause happiness but also disturbances. This is a essential part of their social emotional development. 

The new born will try to use these disturbances to analyse them, label them as mindful or unmindful, useful or useless and archive these real life time events in its feeling memory, creating our conscience this way. 

These awareness signals occur when the natural use of the powers and the intuition/ conscience signals are ignored, creating a feeling of being dishonest to yourself. 

Because the natural use of all energies, this innate behaviour patron, is based on using all energies only for wellbeing.


This feeling of being honest, as well as the feeling of being dishonest, is an universal feeling of human awareness, everybody experiences this feeling the same way. 

Therefore it is the only common moral language recognised and acknowledged by every human. 

Every human, regardless age, immediately feels when honesty is honoured and when it is neglected. 


If honoured, honesty provides a strong happiness feeling. 

Happiness is the best state of mind in order to thrive psychologically and physically and stay healthy.

By being honest, people bond deeply with themselves, others and nature. 

This beautiful feeling experience is strongly archived in our feeling memory.

Being honest causes a state of mind of feeling free.

Being honest can also heal, yourself and others. 


If honesty is neglected, it causes a disturbance, a negatief energy called stress.

Stress is automatically activating the production of the cortisol hormone in order to fight it, this costs a lot of energy and thus weakens our immune system. Stress therefore is the main cause of illnesses.

Neglecting honesty equals power abuse. This power abuse divides you and disconnect you from yourself, others and nature. 

Those who neglect honesty in general, can only act this way if they have become dishonest with themselves. 

Being dishonest means you are  disconnected from your innate natural behaviour.

That’s why disconnected humans identify themselves with other disconnected humans. 

They identify themselves with other power abusers and tolerate this abuse. 

Power abuse always leads to inequality, between the use of your own powers. Thus it also leads to abuse your power to abuse others.

Dishonesty spreads a ‘painful silence’, that is the result of ignoring the underlying power abuse, the result of neglecting honesty. 

Neglecting honesty is dividing humans deeply with themselves, others and nature 

Neglecting honesty can cause stress and trauma, but only for those who has lost their structural way of using all their energies mindfully and thus lost their structural happiness feeling. 

This causes a structural feeling of unhappiness.

Those who feel structurally unhappy are vulnerable for diseases and manipulation.

Because they can easily develop shame and guilt feelings and psychological fear 


Honesty is not about an individual, nor a collective idea of truth, of being right or wrong. Because everyone has got his her individual truth and as we notice the truth of those with status and power seems to prevail. 

Honesty can not be erased, nor overruled. It can only knowingly be pushed away temporarily, meaning never totally pushed away.


You can only change human natural behaviour, when:

1- humans are forced to change their natural way of using their powers, their thinkingpower and feeling power.

By forcing a human to change the natural mindful cooperation between their powers. 

The origin of power abuse is a psychological intervention, caused by psychological / physical violence, forcing a human to make one power dominate over the other power. 

Power abuse is an unnatural behaviour for man kind.

Humans / children who are not able to resist this pressure give in and start to reject themselves the way they were born and the natural way they use their energies. 

By doing so they disrupt the mindful cooperation between their powers and thus loose their structural happiness feeling. 

This decision made on such a young age is traumatising them. It disables them to refind their balans as they were use to by using their energies in connection with each other mindfully. This handicap makes them structurally unhappy. 

This decision is traumatic because to be able to undo this traumatic act seems very hard. It structurally disconnects humans  from themselves, thus others and nature. 

It causes a structural high level of stress. Fighting this stress costs a lot of energy and that energy lost weakens their immune system. 

2- the human hormones production of testosteron and oestrogen is deregulated  / changed by:

2A a medical hormone therapy intervention took place 

2B humans are forced to abandon their natural use of their energies, their thinking power and their feeling power. Over-activate one of these powers will also cause an increase of the production of hormones. Read: thinkingpower- testosterone, feeling power oestrogenen 

3- a human has been genetically modified by a medical intervention. 

These interventions makes it possible to eliminate human natural behaviour structurally.


All humans, including children, have the right to hold on, maintain and pursuit happiness. 

The only reason all humans are pursuing happiness is because ALL new borns have experienced an indelible un-erasable STRUCTURAL happiness feeling. 

This feeling is strongly archived in our feeling memory.

It is obvious that this is the case, because you can not search for a feeling if you have never experienced it.

If man kind is honouring the innate goodness of our new borns our specious can have a future.

In favour of raising awareness for our mindful new borns I have designed a monument for the child. A monument for the child does not exists as far as I know.

It can be realised by crowd funding.