Every child has the right to pursuit its happiness.

Every new born has the undeniable right of being itself the way it is born and to use all it’s powers, it’s feeling power and it’s thinkingpower, in connection with each other mindfully.

Every new born has the right to express itself freely.

Every new born is born free and is free from guilt or shame feelings.


Every new born has the right of being treated and guided mindfully, in order to be able to hold on to its natural behaviour and thrive. Free from shame and guilt feelings and psychological fear.

Parents can only represent the human rights of their children when they use the human rights to execute their mandate / their power mindfully in favour for the well-being of their child.

All humans are born with a non verbal universal language and universal skills.

Every new born has the human right to be and stay who it is.

Every new born is good the way it is born, it of cause had no influence in this matter. 

Every new born accepts itself unconditionally, it loves itself, thus others and nature. 

Every new born lives in the present, free from shame and guilt and psychological fear.

Every new born has already got the greatest talent of all: it uses all its energies, it’s feeling power and its thinking in connection with each other mindfully.

This kind of natural born mindfulness gives every new born a STRUCTURAL happiness feeling experience. 

This STRUCTURAL happiness feeling is automatically unerasable / indelible archived in all new borns’ feeling memory.

This experience of a structural happiness feeling is not inedible, nobody can erase this feeling totally.


All new borns have the right to be treated and guided mindfully, in order to thrive and experience their social emotional development mindfully.


Nature supports every new born by the phenomenon that all mothers fall in love with their child by giving birth.

Mothers recognise themselves in their child and that fact is automatically activating her body own drugs, who provides the -being in love with her child-  feeling. 

This secures a deep mindful attitude from the mother towards the new born. 

This strong feeling ( soul) connection all mothers have, is the only (non verbal) communication possible between the mother and the child. 

This communication is supported by body language and noises from the child and the mother. 

This way of communication is essential for the new born, it cannot do without. 

This mindful experience is creating a structural happiness feeling for the child, the child automatically archives this structural happiness feeling in its feeling memory. 

This STRUCTURAL happiness feeling is automatically unerasable / indelible archived in all new borns’ feeling memory.

The innate protection of the child prevents it gets ill in the first period of its life. 

After that the innate immune system is taking over that protection and trains itself to fight the current viruses and bacteria and their mutations, as well as regulating inside and outside existing fungi. 

This falling in love phenomenon will last approximately 6 months, after that period the mother will gradually return to her original attitude.

When her original attitude of the mother is being mindful, or when she lost her  mindful behaviour and was able to refind her mindfulness due to her new born, the child can continue to communicate non verbally with the mother.

Every new born has the human right to be treated and guided mindfully.


If the mother lost her mindful behaviour, this NEVER happens willingly, the new born looses the possibilities for the ( non verbal) communication with the mother, after the -falling in love- period. (Occasionally there are mothers to deeply disconnected that the -falling in love- phenomenon is not occurring or insufficiently occurring.)

The new born feels / notice the difference in the feeling connection, thus the changed body language and the changed intonation of her noises. 

The new born feels this change immediately. The child starts feeling disconnected with its mother and itself and it becomes insecure and anxious. 

The child is unfamiliar with unmindful behaviour and not yet able to quote with this behaviour. 

Mindful treatment and guidance will make the child also aware of humans showing unmindful behaviour. 

The child can, by experiencing this unmindful behaviour of others, get aware that unmindful behaviour is no reason to become disturbed / unmindful itself.

The child gets aware that its mindful behaviour is not to be influenced by unmindful humans. 


All children have the right to maintain their natural behaviour in order to be able to enjoy all its powers mindfully, their thinkingpower and feeling power, including their sexual energy if it emerges. 

Free from psychological fear and shame and guilt feelings. 


Children not only use and regulate their energies mindfully, they also regulate their moments of quietness ( zen) in a natural way.

The natural behaviour of the child makes it possible to experience feeling fluctuations and straighten them out in a mindful way.

These feeling fluctuations trains shapes the child social emotional development. This way the child learns to trust others who treat the child mindfully. 

Although the child has no knowledge of unmindful behaviour, the child feels exactly when it is treated unmindfully. 

This natural born sustainable life style enables humans to experience a deeply satisfaction. This prepares them to use our strongest energy, our sexual energy, mindfully too. 

This mindful way of using all our powers in connection with each makes it possible to hold on to our structural happiness feeling.

A structural happiness feeling is the best state of mind in order to to live a sustainable live with ourselves, others and nature.


Humans can, by meditate, reach their being more profoundly, which leads to a profound feeling of inner peace,  a feeling of being strongly connected with your self. 

A beautiful feeling of freedom.

Meditation causes a intenser level of mindfulness, a kind of trance feeling.

This so called meditation / trance feeling provides an altered state of consciousness.

All Humans can bring themselves in a trance feeling state of being.

All humans can use this trance feeling to:

-fight stress by separating the important issues, like the well-being issues, from the less/ non important issues, in order to regulate stress. 

-make it possible for a human to increase and decrease the production and use of body own hormones/drugs.  

This way humans can regulate and cause excitement or relaxation. Especially important to be able to enjoy our strongest energy our sexual energy mindfully.

During the trance feeling the mind is extremely susceptible to suggestion in this state. 

You will be able to feel ( see) things you can not observe with your eyes.

A trance feeling provides you a feeling of total acceptance of your self and the circumstances you live in. 

You are conscious, but you are more of an observer of yourself, others and nature.

Meditation provides inner peace and eliminates stress, by transferring negative energy into positive energy and by relaxation.

Meditation is the ultimate way to live in the present and accept yourself and everything around you unconditionally.

Meditation can lead to become able to let go your thoughts and feelings completely

and just be. 

You can call this the : BE-ISME


A traumatic experience is a result of a severe physical and/or psychological event.

It disturbs the cooperation between the thinkingpower and feeling power severely,  this severe disturbance is blocking the mindful cooperation, creating chaos.

This chaos can lead to switch into the survival modus. 

The survivor modus is using all your energies in order to reach to the one and only goal: survive.

This can not only alter the behaviour temporarily, but also structurally. 

Like the development of the Stockholm syndrome, who has his origin in a bank robbery in Stockholm:

People who became hostage were so in shock, they even fell in love with their hostage takers and protected and defended them, as a possible way to survive. 

Traumatic behaviour is a structural behaviour patron. This patron is trigged by a similar event or noise, connected with the origin of the trauma.

The start of this behaviour patron, the roll out and the end is always the same.

Only individual awareness can alter this patron and make it possible to deal with this traumatic behaviour patron mindfully.


The only way to experience and maintain a STRUCTURAL happiness feeling is when the new born is are allowed to be and stay itself the way it is born and expres that freely. 

The only way to experience and maintaining our STRUCTURAL happiness feeling is by using our powers, our feeling and thinkingpower, in connection with each other mindfully. 


All humans have the ability to cause a TEMPORARILY INCREASED happiness feeling, on top of their structural happiness feeling. The so called kick feeling, a temporarily zenith of the trance feeling. Our strongest zenith feeling is the orgasme. 

Creating this trance feeling and our zenith is based on the ability to increase and decrease our intensity of or our powers. Humans have the ability of the regulation of our body own drugs/ hormones.

This trance feeling can cause:

-an ultra activity of all our senses and on top of that it can be used to reach an orgasme.

-an increasing the alertness feeling for the survival modus.. 

-a temporarily shut off of pain impulses.

-a sleep-like state as of deep hypnosis, usually characterized by partly suspended animation with diminished or absent sensory and motor activity. 


All humans can slow down and intensify the use of their powers.

All humans are able to use their powers for a profound abstraction or absorption

All humans can increase their structural happiness feeling temporarily for the duration of a certain period of time

All humans have the ability, at a certain age, to create the strongest happiness trance concerning our sexual energy modus and to reach the strongest (kick)feeling of all, the orgasme, for the duration of a short period of time.

All Humans have the ability to diminish the use of their powers in order to reach inner silence and stability.


The most important human right is the right of holding on to our natural behaviour,  because our natural behaviour is the only life style that can provide a STRUCTURAL happiness feeling.


Our natural behaviour enables all humans to feel mindfully connected, feel ONE with themselves, others and nature. 

Sharing our mindful natural behaviour is inspiring and healing.


Our natural behaviour is the ideal life style to be able to live a sustainable live with ourselves, others and nature.


All humans have the duty to protect the human rights actively, by rejecting and addressing every kind of undermining of the inalienable and undeniable human rights, by abusing power. 

Thereby automatically protecting themselves from psychological disconnected humans in a mindful way.

In order to preserve man kind it is forbidden to manipulate / abuse human’s psychologically and physically by using: -brainwash therapy 

-gene therapy 

-hormone therapy 

-artificial intelligence therapy 


Our powers are ment to be used mindfully for well-being, for ourselves, for others and nature.

All other use of our powers equals power abuse and leads to damaging ourselves, others and nature.

Power abuse has to be addressed right away. 

Power abusers have the right to become awareness therapy. 


It is a human right that nobody has the right nor is entitled to:

-speak or act on behalf of another human,

without a written down and signed for mandate, based on informed consent.

-violate the psychological and physical integrity of a human being,

-execute psychological and/or physical experiments on a human without informed consent.


A process in which patients are given all existing important information, including possible risks and benefits, about a physical or psychological medical procedure or treatment, genetic testing, or a clinical trial

This is to help them decide if they want to be treated, tested, or take part in the trial.

Patient: every interference executed by a medical doctor, makes a human a patient


It is a human right for all humans not be used as an object to protect others. 

This would equal an act of power abuse. 

Every power abuse is an act of a disconnected human. 

Power abusers are disconnected from their natural behaviour. 

This always happens as a result of force. 

Power abusers have been forced to start dominating one of their powers, our thinkingpower and feeling power, over the other.

Only those who have been forced to abuse their own powers, are able to abuse their power towards themselves and towards others and nature. 

Power abuse always leads to inequality therefor it has to be addressed immediately, in order to stop / prevent  psychological and physical damages.

Power abuse is to be treated with awareness therapy, in order to be able to return to our natural behaviour.


All children are happy that they are born, the way they are born.

They already have the greatest innate goodness / talent of all: they accept themselves unconditionally, they love themselves the way they are born. 

This self love / mindfulness is based on their intuition all children have.

All new borns share their selflove unconditionally with others and nature. 

All new borns live in the present, free from shame and guild feelings and free from psychological fear.

The Childs natural behaviour is to use all its energies, it’s feeling and thinkingpower, in connection with each other mindfully.

Mindfully means, it will only use its powers to maintain and improve its well-being.

This creates a structural happiness feeling  which the child achieves very strongly in its feeling memory. 

This structural happiness feeling can not be erased, it is impossible to eliminate this structural happiness feeling totally.

The child will thrive the best if it is able to be and stay who it is. All children have the right to be treated and guided mindfully, in the first place by its parents.


All life time experiences of the child can disturb the mindful cooperation between its powers. Based on its intuition it will analyse them, do they feel good or not. The Childs innate goodness is leading its way. All children feel if they are treated and guided in an unmindful way. Although this disturbs them they will try to react mindfully. If that has no result the child gets anxious and insecure. 

The feeling of these life time experiences will be archived in its feeling memory.  

The archived feeling events create the conscience of the child. 

Based on these experiences the child learns to thrust those who treat and guide them mindfully.

The child needs to be treated and guided mindfully the first years in its life, in order to maintain the feeling of its structural happiness.

The child can gradually be introduced into other social environments other than home. It needs to know it has a save haven at home at all times.


By the time children had learned to trust their mindful parents, many of them are send to kindergarten/ pre school. 

Most parents are convinced and also obliged to hand over their children to  unknown adults / teachers. 

Parents have to rely on the skills of these teachers how to mindfully treat / guide their child.

If the child is not treated and guided mindful it will let the parents know verbally or by its state of being. Ignoring these signals will make the child unhappy. 

Regarding the time a child spends on a ( pre) school the teacher has become the second most important educator of the child.


The education and school ideologies are exclusively based on exploring their thinking power.

The child is told by its parents and its teachers to grow up and become a successful adult. 

They tell the child it can’t stay a child, it has to become some one, like a lawyer, a doctor etc. 

In order to become successful, the child is told to start controlling and ignoring its feeling power, instead of letting its powers  cooperate mindfully.

This causes a feeling of being not accepted the way the child is born.

Until that moment the child has experienced a mindful cooperation between its feeling and thinking power. This mindful cooperation provided the child a structural happiness feeling.

The child can not comprehend why it should alter its natural behaviour.

The child gets confused and insecure. Most children are not capable to resist the pressure of parents and teachers and conclude themselves: obviously I am not good enough the way I was born.

The child feels this can not be the right decision, but on the other hand it has learned to trust its parents and its teachers.

The child is feeling forced to reject it selves, being forced on such a young age to reject yourself is traumatising the child.

This traumatising decision makes the child structurally unhappy. 

It disables the child to use its powers, it’s thinking and feeling power, in connection with each other mindfully.

The natural use and growth of its brain is decreasing. The ability to connect the dots is decreasing.

Its decision is causing a feeling of being disconnected from itself, thus from others and nature. 

Its decision will decrease and at the end eliminate its skills of the the non verbal communication and body language.

Its decision causes insecurity and anxiety, which is causing a structural too high stress level. Its body automatically fights the stress by producing the hormone cortisol. This fight costs the child a lot of its energies, this lost of energy is weakening its immune system. 

That’s why it will be sick more quickly and it will take more time to cure.

It is than forced into a system of linear school education in which it has to succeed in reaching certain goals in a certain period of time, regardless the childs abilities.

Being forced into a linear system, the child looses its ability to be creative in:

-connecting all relevant parts to understand and comprehend itself others and nature

-finding a solution for a complicated issue.

-creating art / designs / inventions.

The Childs brain use and growth is tempered as a result of its decisions.

Being forced into this linear system, the child looses the capability of using the full capacity of its brains. The inactivity of parts of its brains will at the end disable / shut down parts of its brain. 

From that moment on the child will only be judged by what the child can achieve with its thinking power. 

Judging the child will not only be done personally in front with its parents and family members and the teachers, but also publicly.

Because the child has been made structurally unhappy, we fool the child by telling it that it might be unhappy, but if it  uses its thinkingpower to the utmost, it can achieve the new happiness goal, which depend on the level of status and power it can reach.

From that moment on an inhumane race starts for the child to achieve this goals.

The stress level increases further, as the child tries to live up to the expectations of its parents and teachers. It does not want to disappoint them and it wants to feel happy again.

This makes them start to live in the future which creates a structural psychological fear.

Only because the child has developed psychological fear the child has become vulnerable for manipulation. 

Being unable to reach its happiness feelings, it becomes dependent on the compliments it gets from others by achieving goals using its thinkingpower. 

Also if it is successful in exploiting other features, by becoming a successful person in for instance sports etc.

Dominating brings along short happiness feelings.

Because the child finds out that the attention for its achievements provides a short happiness feeling, a so called kick feeling. This feels similar to its lost of its structural happiness feeling. So this activated the child to achieve as much of these kick feelings as possible, hoping this brings back its structural happiness feeling.

Unhappy children can also try to feel better by letting themselves getting  bullied. The reason: they prefer getting attention even if it hurts, rather than no attention at all. 

Being forcefully disconnected from their feeling power, the child also delearned its skill of recognising body language, how to use it and thus how to recognise and interpret body language of others.

This increases the vulnerability for manipulation of itself and being manipulated by others. 


In pursuing happiness the child only succeeds if it has achieved a result which brings the child complements of others.

They only happiness feeling the thinking power can produce, are short happiness feeling occurring when the child has succes, when the child dominates. 

This makes the child think it is happy, but it does not FEEL happy.

In order to refind its structural happiness feeling it starts to get as many happiness kick feelings as possible. This behaviour of increasing power abuse will lead to get addicted to these kick feelings.

The most successful power abusers are those who have a wel equipped and developed thinking power and are also successfully pushing away their feeling power, their signal of their consciousness. Getting more and more disconnected from their innate behaviour they can easily become ruthless. 

Longing for more and more happiness moments, which they can reach by having succes, by dominating and by having and gaining power, they are getting addicted to these kickfeelings more and more.

These kick feelings are the result of the production of body own drugs the body automatically produces during this power abuse.

The more resistance of power less people, the more the louder their protest are, the greater their kick feeling of the power abuser is, when he / she gets away with it.

Like every addiction to achieve the next kick feeling gets more and more difficult, so the abuse of power have to increase further.

Power abusers only serve their addiction and are very keen in hiding that goal.

Power abusers never stop out of their own, because they do not want to loose their only source of happiness feelings. Power abusers always think they are right and their opponents are to dum to comprehend that. 

Power abusers can abuse their power a long time, because we learned most children to abuse their ( thinking) power as well. We fooled our children by telling the more power and status the happier you will be. So many see the power abusers as humans to respect.

That’s the reason power abuse is not directly addressed, humans who were forced to abuse their own power identify themselves with power abusers. 

For many humans the most successful power abusers are there idols. 


THe power abusers are also suffering from psychological fear, they are afraid to loose their source of kick happiness feelings, their power. In order to secure their power position they try to control everything and everyone. Opponents will be made ridiculous without valid arguments, isolated, demonised and licked up. 


The worst power abusers combine the kick feeling of their power abuse towards the most vulnerable: the children. 

They combine the kick feeling of domination with the kick feeling of an orgasme, by raping them as well. 

On top of that those who are heavily addicted to power get a kick feeling over the decision they want to make, over who lives or dies, killing the vulnerable like children to serve their addiction. 


Judges consider powerful people who got caught less punishable as in their opinion the power abuser has already been partially punished, because the publicity around their power abuse is already damaging their status and power level. 

However the opposite should happen, because as a result of their power and status level they had the best opportunity to commit power abuse crimes, so they should be punished more instead of less.


Power abusers fear the power of large groups of opponents that’s why they decide them.

They also fear connected humans, those who are connected with their natural behaviour of being mindful.

Because they feel structurally happy and therefore can not be manipulated. Furthermore they bond very easily and profoundly with other mindful humans.

Power abusers see this connection between mindful humans as a huge threat.


Release power abusers from their addiction, their power and give them mandatory awareness therapy.


The decision forced upon the children which is traumatising them is based on our education and school ideologies. 

We force our children to abuse their thinkingpower to dominate discriminate isolate and demonise their feeling power with. 

This way we disconnected them from themselves, thus others and nature.

We forced our mindful children to abuse their thinkingpower, this equals power abuse. 

Our ideologies are based on the same traumas parents, teachers, doctors etc experienced. 

Their traumatising experience has convinced them that their view on their education ideology is the only right one.

Indicating that this brainwash is so strong it is still in place and dominates our education and school ideologies. 

Instead of making our natural behaviour every child is born with leading, we continue the same brainwash, transferring our mindful children in ruthless power abusers.

Most parents are so successfully brainwashed, that they want their children to become the same traumatised person as they have become.

Some of the parents, but also teachers, doctors and even judges use severe psychological pressure to make the child fit into the system.

According to the official data many thousands of children are confronted with violence every year.

This violence not only includes psychological violence but also physical violence used by parents in order to make the child fit in the system and thus way forcing them to succeed at school.

Even doctors prescribe dangerous drugs like Ritalin to make the child fit into the linear system. 


The results of our education and school ideologies, we transfer our mindful children into power abusers.

We disconnected the child from itself, thus from others and nature.

We forced the child to learn and tolerate abusing their ( thinking) power, causing the attitude of tolerating power abuse of others as well.

We forced the child to discriminate their feeling power, causing the attitude of starting to discriminate others as well. 

We forced the child to learn to ignore and push away their feeling power, consider it as not useful, as an obstruction to become successful.

We forced the child to become successful in pushing away its thinking power, making it possible for the child to become ruthless towards itself, thus others and nature.

The most successful power abusers are those who are the most successful in pushing away their feeling power, their conscience, which emerge automatically during the power abuse. 

The most successful power abuser can be the most ruthless human and combined with a good functioning thinking power, that means in our society the get the most power. 


Those who are forced to abuse their power and executed their power in abusing everybody and everything, are now dictating the current way of living and dictating the direction of the development of man kind. 

In order to get total control they use psychological fear to let humans obey.

Those who still hold on to their natural behaviour have no psychological fear so they can not be manipulated by the power abusers. Those mindful people who still experience a structural happiness feeling, stay strongly connected with themselves others and nature. 

Mindful humans bond easily with other mindful humans, this frightens power abusers because of the fact a group of humans they see as a contra power. 

They will try to eliminate the natural behaviour of human kind creating the bonding factor and eliminate the laws based on mindfulness: the human rights.


The brainwash of our education and school ideologies are not successful enough, although there has been a shift in the way humans use their natural skills. The brainwash of our ideologies have been causing a raise in the production of testosterone and a diminishing production of oestrogen.

Both of these body hormones are  produced by men and woman. 

Men mainly testosterone, women mainly oestrogen.

Women have a great struggle with our power abuse society because the oestrogen hormone asks attention for the involvement of our feeling power.

Men are confirmed in their role as power abuser, because the testosterone asks for involvement of their thinking power. 

This is totally in line with our society goals.


Now the power abusers will try to alter human behaviour by not only the manipulation of man kind via our education and school ideologies, but also by injecting artificial mrna drugs in humans.

This irreversible genetic manipulation is altering the gene function and disturbing / breaking down our natural immune system.

These strongly disconnected power abusers have been abusing everything and everyone. 

They not only suffer from psychological fear but also from a tunnelvision.

They are convinced that humans are not able to live a sustainable life. That’s why all need to comply and follow their goals. 

They even want to achieve an unnatural depopulation of our world by their means. 

Although there is enough on our planet for many more humans if we choose to live a life style all children are born with, we will never satisfy the greedy ones.


Every power abuse victim has the right and is entitled to receive mindful treatment and awareness therapy, in order to enable the power abuse victim to refind his / her natural behaviour.


Every power abuser has the right to be relieved from their power abuse life style and is entitled to a mindful treatment and awareness therapy, in order to enable the power abuser to refind their natural behaviour.